Data collected

- When you visit our site, our servers may automatically record certain information that your web browser sends such as your web request, browser type, referring URL, platform type, ip and the date and time of your request. All other informations are discarded right away.
- We use cookies to store your user/ownership id. These cookies are sent from our servers.
- When using a affiliate/subscription/ownership we collect informations about what pages you visited in respect to the account only.
- When using a user/ownership account, we only collect informations about who downloaded what video at what time, so it doesn't include any request information like ip or user agent.

Data protection

- We run TensorFlow to detect exposure of identification cards like passports and discard the affected video chunks to prevent identity leaking.
- Media files like thumbs, screencaps and downloads are only accessible via salted links that are regenerated after a short amount of time to prevent scraping and hotlinking.
- Every server uses a sharded full-partition raid encryption with its own passphrase, which means no data stored on it is physically accessible unless you know the specific passhrase and can reassemble the exact raid setup.
- Every server is on lockdown once started, which means that interacting with the server (like logging in, ...) physically is not possible.
- Every connection (internal and external) happens only over TLS and must supply a certificate to verify its identity, which means that eavesdropping is not possible.
- Every login on a server requires a key instead of a password.
- Our in-house build software has several abstraction and detection layers to protect the database against any kind of data breaches/leaks.
- We only deploy an in-house build stripped down operating system which is derived from Debian GNU/Linux to minimize the risk of exploits and to better fit our needs.
- Our security systems are the only ones who store ips, date, time along with the tokens, which are completely separate from everything else and entries are flushed after 24 hours at most.

Collected user data is not disclosed to any third party.

We have no interest in knowing who you are and our whole concept is meant to reflect that, as we never require you to provide any personal information.