What is and what it is not. is the largest archive of public shows (yes, public shows, not private or group, just public shows) as well as the largest porn site around (Pornhub 2018: 115 years of video runtime, 2019: 6,700 years).
We only store the best format of the raw video file of the shows, without re-encoding them to preserve the original quality.

Our concept for accounts varies a lot from traditional accounts, you do not need an email address and also can not choose a password, but instead we generate a so called UUID for you, the combination rate is so high (more possible values than the earth has sand grains) that they are bruteforce safe by default and since they are unique, we can find your account as well as know that you must be the owner of it, as nobody could have guessed it. is heavily automated and heavily in development, we are always testing and updating, so odds are if something goes wrong or is annoying, we are just testing out something or we probably will tweak it.

For users

- First you should create an user account (it is free). They let you decide if you want to turn thumbs into screencaps, so you do not have to open the video pages to see them, or if you want to hide live cams.
With an user account, you can also manage your favourites and an account is required to download.

- An user account has a quota which can be used to download.
You can top up the quota by sending Bitcoin to the shown address on your user page (the rate per GB is shown there as well, which you can use to decide how much you want to send).
Once your account has a balance, you can then convert that balance to quota and actually start downloading.

For models

- Create an ownership account (it is free).
An ownership account has to get linked to a profile to be of any use, which is done by deploying an unique tag on the profile you are looking to claim, since only the model can change the profile, by deploying the code our crawlers will know which ownership account it belongs to and that you are indeed the model.

- Once you have done it and the crawlers have visited your profile again, the profile will appear on your ownership page, at which point you will be able to download your own shows, see some settings for the profile for you to change and stats about downloads of your shows (if any).